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Re: RCMP Pre-Employment Polygraph Examinations Expose!
Reply #15 - Jul 10th, 2017 at 4:30am
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xenonman wrote on Dec 29th, 2016 at 10:39am:
In the Canadian government, does one have the choice to be polygraphed in either English or in French? Wink

Yes, if you’re applying from Quebec and only speak French, for example to CSIS at a regional office in Quebec, then they would have to offer testing in your official language of choice (French). CSIS is an offshoot of the RCMP.

La Verite,

Merci pour vos informations.  Et au Quebec, la RCMP
naturellement c'est la GRC! Combien des polygraphes peuvent parler francais?   Grin
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Re: RCMP Pre-Employment Polygraph Examinations Expose!
Reply #16 - Apr 5th, 2018 at 5:22am
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RCMP Pre-Employment Polygraph (PEP) Details

Training Program: Canadian Police College Polygraph School or an Accredited Polygraph Association.

Examiner Certification: Canadian Association of Police Polygraphists’ (CAPP) membership.

Technique Used and Format: Reverse Control Interviewing Technique as taught during the Polygraph Examiners Course at the Canadian Police College since 1997. It is a special investigative interviewing technique designed to ferret out previously undisclosed information. The Pre-Employment polygraph test utilizes the Directed Lie Screening Test format.

Policy: All Regular Member applicants are polygraph tested in accordance with the RCMP protocol and procedures outlined in the Truth Verification Section (TVS) Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs), PEP Manual and Directed Lie Screening Test (DLST) Examiner Guidelines.

PEP Quality Assurance Review Checklist

Introduction: Examiners must follow the structured RCMP PEP pre-examination.

Consent Forms: Examiners must present/explain all PEP consent forms during the appropriate stages of the pre-examination.

Background: General questions.

Explanation of Instrument: All examiners should present the Chocolate Crumb Analogy (as outlined in the SOGs) prior to developing the questions in the Examiner’s Question Booklet.

Development of Applicant Examiner Question Booklet: All examiners must properly develop the questions in the applicant’s question booklet utilizing the Reverse Control Technique.

Question Review/Test Procedure: Thoroughly review all relevant questions as outlined in the RCMP PEP manual. Present directed lie control questions as outlined in the RCMP PEP manual. Follow review order as outlined in the RCMP PEP manual. Relevant question formulation/wording for Subtest A, B, and C must follow the guidelines as set out in the RCMP PEP manual.

Double Verification Test (DVT) (Demonstration Test): Conduct the directed lie acquaintance / demonstration test using numbers on paper as outlined in the RCMP PEP manual.

In-Test Procedure: Includes total time spent conducting the PEP examination.

Scoring: Utilize the Empirical Scoring System (ESS) scoring system as outlined in the Directed Lie Screening Test – Examiner Guide 2012-07-05. All examiners must follow the structured Directed Lie Screening Test (DLST) format as outlined in the RCMP PEP manual.

Post Examination Interview: Post examination interviews should be non-accusatory/non-confrontational. Post examination interviews should serve as a means of flushing out deliberately concealed information.

Polygraph Report: Examiners must complete an accurate, detailed polygraph report written in narrative format.

Contractor Procedure:

At time of interview, the [polygraph contractor] shall:

Determine the suitability of the applicant to undergo a polygraph examination. Medical questions to be provided by the RCMP;

Perform a pre-test interview with the applicant. These interviews will include a specific range of pre-established and approved questions and utilize the ‘reverse control technique’;

Administer the polygraph examination;

Evaluate the results of the examination and perform a post-test interview if the results are considered uncertain and require clarification; and

Complete a report on the results of the pre-test and post-test results immediately and thereafter submit to the RCMP Project Authority. Report template to be provided by the RCMP.

Follow and consistently meet existing RCMP Standard Operating Guidelines for Pre-Employment Polygraph testing - copy to be provided by RCMP Project Authority upon issuance of standing offer. Regular Quality Assurance Reviews will be conducted to verify that work output meets the existing RCMP Standard Operating Guidelines for Pre-Employment Polygraph testing.

Conduct the Pre-Employment polygraph test using the ‘Reverse Control Technique’ and utilize the Directed Lie Screening Test format. Must consistently meet the Standard Operating guideline threshold for Pre-Employment Polygraph Testing as determined through regular Quality Assurance Reviews conducted by the Project authority or his designate.


Can any experts comment on the Reverse Control Technique?

Can any experts also comment on the structured Directed Lie Screening Test (DLST) format for the PEP?
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RCMP Pre-Employment Polygraph Examinations Expose!

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