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Locked Topic Should my husband request a retest (Read 2402 times)
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Should my husband request a retest
Dec 8th, 2009 at 7:49pm
Hello all.  My husband recently took and failed the poly for the FBI.  Although he didn't receive an official description of why, the polygrapher told him that he spiked on the drug usage (marijuana).  He was straight up with the examiner, disclosing that he'd smoked pot during his Freshman and Sophmore year of college.  He's been an active duty officer in the Marine Corps for 10 years now, so obviously, he hasn't used drugs within that time frame.  My question is he is sure he was totally honest with the polygrapher, should he request to retest?  I am  reading through the posts and seeing that there are very conflicting answers to this question.  If he retests and fails again for drugs, is this going to hurt him worse than if he was to tap out completely and seek employment from another agency?  He's building applications for all the other 3-letter agencies now, but I worry that he is not going to be able to pass any of the poly's since he's been completely honest to begin with and not been successful. 

I don't think he'll read the Lies behind Lie Detectors because he would see that as "cheating."  With that said, is there anything I can tell him to do before he takes a retest or tests for another agency?   

For the retest letter, is telling the recruiter that "I was telling the truth" enough justification to retest?

I know people are torn on whether lie detector results can be completely accurate or not...I admit, I used to believe they were right on, more often than not.  Now that my husband is experiencing this first hand, I am in shock and can't believe that someone of such integrity can be so poorly read.  I am hoping that all is not lost and he's got a fighting chance to still get in.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Should my husband request a retest
Reply #1 - Dec 8th, 2009 at 8:27pm
Welcome to the message board. Your post is most welcome, but please don't cross-post to multiple forums. Once is enough. Replies to this post should be directed here:

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