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Wow just a little nervous.
Jul 31st, 2009 at 3:26am
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Hey signed up on these boards to ask a quick question. 

I am a criminal justice student and I am really wanting to be in the FBI after I get my degree but these polygraph tests I have seen on those TV shows that talk about its inaccuracy, some of the posts on heretalking about it has made me quite nervous about taking a test when I do in hopefully a few years. 

For example, I know they will ask drug questions and yes I have done drugs before.  I have smoked marijuana and took some pills before when my friend had surgery once, thats the extent of it.  I was wondering how serious they areabout denying someone employment for things they did when they were younger and stupid.  I am in college now and am serious about my studies and about being in the FBI, I would hate to be denied because of just stupid things I just did in the moment.  I am not a pothead, I don't use any hard drugs regularly...actually ever for that matter.  I won't touch any of that stuff.

Anyways, like I said just some things made me nervous and wondered if I should worry about the test?
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Re: Wow just a little nervous.
Reply #1 - Jul 31st, 2009 at 4:39am
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Yes, you should worry about the FBI polygraph. About half of special agent applicants who make it as far along in the hiring process as the polygraph end up being branded as liars and disqualified for life from FBI employment. Given polygraphy's complete lack of validity, it's clear that many of those who fail are being falsely accused of deception. As I've mentioned before, I don't think the risks are worth the potential rewards, and my advice to anyone considering FBI employment would be to look elsewhere until such time as the Bureau terminates its cynical (and ultimately counterproductive) reliance on the pseudoscience of polygraphy.

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Re: Wow just a little nervous.
Reply #2 - Aug 1st, 2009 at 3:06am
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Dear Jason D,

The FBI gives complete faith and credence to the polygraph even without doing any type of background investigation.

The background investigation will never even exist if the polygraph operators do not "find you acceptable."  It is the perfect front for bypassing merit applications or discriminating against those who do "not fit the mold."  You can look at the FBI's ratio of minorities and women to read in between the lines.  The "professional support staff (non-agents)" are of female majority but the Agents are mostly white males with a low percentage of females and minorities who do not even come close to the average in the American population.  You cannot justify such numbers considering how many hundreds of thousands of Americans are applying for such positions.  Somehow, only white American males seem to be able to pass the polygraph compared to others.  The majority of polygraph operators are white males, what a coincidence!

This is the FBI's Good-Ole-Boy Network to get rid of applicants that they find "unacceptable."

They do not have to prove anything.  They just have to find you unacceptable and you have no recourse.

Any job that includes an FBI record in its investigation will have access to the information and they hold the FBI in high regard which if you are found "unacceptable" you will be found in low or no regard as an applicant.

The FBI has no regard for anyone who does not believe in the polygraph's validity.  If you question the use of the polygraph during your application process it will be the sure fire kiss of death for your application.

They want sheep who will follow the shepard.  The FBI does not want independent thinkers.

I just want our government to get the best workers without them having to undergo such "Good-Ole-Boy" techniques to keep those in power in power.

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Re: Wow just a little nervous.
Reply #3 - Aug 1st, 2009 at 1:39pm
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I have yet to meet an FBI agent who was happy, or a retired one who wanted back in.  Something to think about.
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Wow just a little nervous.

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