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denial letter
Feb 18th, 2009 at 1:13am
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Hi everybody
I had been on this website on and off before my polygraph,But I never took it seriously and i thought if i am being honest i shouldn't have a problem.
Anyway i was scheduled for my FBI pre-employment on jan 26th.It was a horrible experience,At points i thought i was going to have a heart attack.I was 100% truthful with my answers,But everytime that the polygrapher was switching the order of the questions,she was asking me if i have been honest?And i said yes ,She is like you react to drug use and lying on your application!! I have never ever used or sold any drugs and everything on my application is 100% true. After this stupid examination ended she told me that my chart was a mess!
Then she asks me how bad i want this job which i said very bad.She said if write something and ask for a retest i might be able to get one.It happens all the time(the retest).So i did write a letter and she told me that i can call the field office in a week and ask them about a retest(what a liar!!!)
I called the field office in a week but applicant coordinator didn't have an answer and asked me to be patient.I called back a few other  times but no luck.I knew i was being screwed around and today finally the denial letter came in mail.It states that my polygrapg parameters were not in the acceptable range and tells me that they know this decision is disappointing to me,But they trust that i understand FBI's position on this matter!!!!
I have mixed feelings right now.On one hand i am pissed off that i didn't get the job that i was 100% qualified for,on the other hand i feel blessed and lucky that i am not getting into the agency that uses this brutal screening method and their polygraphers lie to your face!
Only advice that i am seeking here is how to challange this result,just for the peace of my mind.I nolonger have interest in FBI,Just want to know my legal rights and reinforce the fact that i didn't lie.

Sorry it was long,But i had to spill my guts out!
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Re: denial letter
Reply #1 - Feb 18th, 2009 at 2:31am
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Only advice that i am seeking here is how to challange this result,just for the peace of my mind.I no longer have interest in FBI,Just want to know my legal rights and reinforce the fact that i didn't lie.

Sorry to hear about your experience, I had a similar one with the NSA.  People have to find out the hard way that the polygraph, and preemployment polygraphs in particular, is a load of crap.  Did you admit to anything that may have "raised an eyebrow"?  Unfortunately, the more honest and open a applicant is, the more likely they are to fail.

You can forget about a retest as very few ever pass a retest at the FBI,

You can do two things.  Write a letter protest the results and requesting it be included in your file.  At a later date, you can then make a FOIA request for a copy of your file (takes forever).  George is good for advise in this area.


"There is no direct and unequivocal connection between lying and these physiological states of arousal...(referring to polygraph)."

Dr. Phil Zimbardo, Phd, Standford University
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