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cvsa is crap
Dec 15th, 2008 at 5:44pm
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So about a month back my room mate had a friend stay the night. I didn't know much about her friend but I had a feeling I couldn't trust her. My fiance and I were stupid enough to leave our rent money sitting out on the entertainment center in the living room. So to make a long story short the next morning the money was gone and so was our room mates friend. We called and made a police report and the cop said that he will schedule the girl to go take a cvsa exam and if she passes than me and my room mate would need to go take the cvsa. I was fine with that because I always knew lie detector tests to be very accurate. So crystal (my room mates friend) goes in to take the cvsa and we get a call from the cop that she passed with "flying colors" so then a week or so later my room mate and I need to go take the cvsa and my room mate passes and then I go in and the detective starts asking me a serries of questions. I needed to be asked the same serries of questions 3 times. Each of the times I showed to be "deceptive" The examiner assured me that the test is 99.9 percent accurate. Ok either it's not 99.9 percent accurate or I just happened to be the .1 percent that got screwed. But based on all the stuff I have read on this site I highly doubt that this test is 99.9 percent accurate and is indeed a load of crap. I mean why would I steal MY rent money?
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Re: cvsa is crap
Reply #1 - Mar 10th, 2009 at 3:12pm
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Uh people steal rent money all the time did you even have rent money becuase if you didn't have any you couldn't have stole it
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cvsa is crap

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