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vitcims, protectors and tyrants
Mar 31st, 2008 at 12:40am
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Today I heard someone speak and what he said hit me.
He said "There are 3 types of people. 
First, are Victims. They are people that have been taken advantage of and ultimatly do nothing only to be victimized again and again. Second, are Protectors these people are those who have been victimized and stand up to fight back and in the process protect others. 
Third, are the Tyrants well .... we know who they are and they will continue to victimize untill there are enough Protectors to do something about them."

We have heard from some of group 3 saying that there are too few anti- polygraph posters here ( that's why they spend so much time ...RIGHT!) to make a difference in the Polygraph industry. 
They have called me and others whiners, liers and fanatical idiots. They have accused us of being liers ( since we failed the Poly) and coming on here to complain even though they have no idea if we were untruthfull ( that is consistent with the Polygraph test they give of course)
They will continue to force their pseudo scientfic methods in pre employment and law enforcement unless more folks that have been made to suffer falsely get on board and fight back.

They will have you ponder the fact that if all these agencies use Polygraph it MUST be reliable. Fact is that Police also use psychic's in some cold cases. Fact also is that Polygraphs are not admissable in court and NO one has ever been convicted solely on the results of a Polygraph.
If Polygraphs were reliable wouldn't that be great. We could finally have honest politicans!! 

I am proud to be in the second group of people, Protectors and I intend to stay there. Why? Because I have been a victim of a false postive and will not allow a psuedo scientific machine to establish my credibility if I can do anything about it.

I hope if you are on this board because you have been falsely accused of anything due to a Polygraph you too will stand up and be a protector.
And before I get any snippy comebacks from the pro poly's. This is America when people are victimized they eventually stand up. 
Deal with it or MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY!! 
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Re: omeone speaking and what he said remvitcims, protectors and tyrants
Reply #1 - Mar 31st, 2008 at 1:44am
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If Polygraphs were reliable wouldn't that be great. We could finally have honest politicans!!

One of my clients is a retired 3-star who had to take a poly prior to testifying before congress.  He told me that, depending on the committee, member's of congress are required "on paper" to take polygraph tests in certain situations, but routinely manage to get out of it.

As he told me this, a vein in his forehead bulged.  He thought even less of the test than I did.  And, as a "Higher up", he probably got the "kit glove" treatment.

Another customer of mine, was the SSO at the Kunia RSOC on Oahu.

All newly assigned personnel are tested, and it was his job to coordinate things.

He as much as admitted the test was bogus in that it doesn't really test whether a person was lying, but thought it was a good "deterant".

Evidently, not enough, as  this facility was under NCIS investigation for having been infiltrated by the PRC Ministry of State Security (China's CIA).

This is what happens when too much confidence and reliance is placed on unrealiable tests!

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"There is no direct and unequivocal connection between lying and these physiological states of arousal...(referring to polygraph)."

Dr. Phil Zimbardo, Phd, Standford University
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vitcims, protectors and tyrants

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