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Comments on my poly
Mar 24th, 2006 at 8:24pm
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OK, so I just got through my 1st poly...not as bad as I thought, although there were some positive and negative signs and I'm not quite sure what to make of them.

I breezed through the national security questions, but then, about mid-test, my polygrapher said I was 'showing some reaction' to the drug, crime, and withholding info questions.  Of course, I had been truthful, and it is already documented on my form that I did try marijuana many years ago.  The crime and withholding questions were absurd, since I have never come close to commiting any crime, nor have I withheld info.  Anyways, I was sort of expecting this line of questioning, and actually I believe it was a bluff to try to extract more info out of me, which you might agree with in a minute.  After about 30 minutes of the usual 'What might be causing these fluctuations?', or 'What is the worst thing you've ever done?', he informed me that he would conduct one more round of questions, asking me if I am 'specifically' withholding information from him.  So, after the 1st chart, he told me it looked like I was 'settling back down' and that the charts looked good again.  This is why I think he was bluffing in the first place, because I had never been 'unsettled' in the 1st place, or at least I didn't feel so.  I was basically completely relaxed and calm, as I had nothing to hide.  After 2 more charts of these specific questions about withholding info, he said we're done, and started unhooking me while explaining to me that I am now under the rules and regs of the organization...anything I do from now on is subject to their rules...blah blah blah...and we walked out.  All the time he was very friendly.

So, he never actually accused me of deception, just implored me as to why I might be showing 'unusual' activity for the crime and drug questions.  He was very friendly during this phase, and never confrontational.  I got the feeling like it was just a 'routine' for him, which is why I think it might have just been a bluff, and that my charts were clean to begin with.  Is this possible?  The other positive sign was when he was taking the last set of questions and said I was 'settling down' again and looked good.  What do you suppose I should make of this?   

Also, was our little chat during the test about my 'worst thing ever done' considered a 'post-test interview' even though it was technically mid-test, or is a post-test interview strictly considered to be after unhooking?   

(Maybe I should note that during the mid-test interview, I did not confess to anything that wasn't already on my forms, which makes perfect sense because there was nothing to confess)

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Comments on my poly

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