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Polygraph: Non-Science Justification
Mar 13th, 2005 at 9:44am
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Polygraph or electrical impulse data gathering through either electrolytic contacts or strain gauges of blood pressure, breathing... statistics based upon  those who need to create their own job security by pointing out that statistical inferences are the basis of undisputable proof.

Anyone who belongs to a higher class of societies like IEEE or its varient off-shoots can tell you that these yo-yo's who give themselves their own accreditations for failing engineering course or medical schools are merely poor excuses for a wannabe scientific observers.  They are merely alchemists or witch doctors in any civilized societies.

If polygraphs were really effective and has accuracy that is infallable then they should be a standard weekly regimen for all law enforcement officials to determine whether they have been:

1. drinking on the job or being under the influence of controled substances.
2. violated federal and state laws such as tax evasion, take bribes, let relatives off violations, favoritism, unreasonable search and seizures...
3. Whether the official lies.

If polygraphs were so accurate, then the results should be used as capital punishment for all government, state and local law enforcement officials.  Since the biggest criminals knowing that a polygraph is unscientific and cannot be used in court, they now its worthless as a testament of whether anyone is truthful or not and they are the biggest liars - did you know by the way that Federal Judges, State Judges are not subject to polygraph tests? - Higher rates of alcoholism and substance abuse is in the judicial system at your local level.

Now getting back to the fallacy of polygraph as a valid test.  Each one of us breathes. Each one of us has a heart and sweat glands.  The intelligence agencies spend a specified 7 figure budget to train their operatives to control desired outcomes of polygraph tests.  The biggest attendees are local police department personnel for the seminars!  Imagine that! Your local and federal law enforcement badges learning to lie.  A company was formed in the mid nineties to train the general public; targeting lawyers and bail bond industry personnel, and had their sails torn by the IRS by indiscriminate auditings, ATF and the little shop that sabotages other legitimate governments.

There are so many governemental agencies that pay the polygraph industry and support the unscientific polygraph research papers to keep it erected that it is citizen supported hate society built on ignorance.

Anyone who thinks polygraph is scientific needs to know what "scientific" means. Not just a bunch of statistics, bone measuring...all signs of barbers bloodletting as a legitimate form of medicine. LOL!  By the way, I have met up with moron engineers who could not make it in business and so they hooked up with equipment manufacturers.  They were all bought and paid for. Morons as engineers!  Well, you can dress a dog and make it stand on its hind legs but its still a dog.   

The intelligent societies scoff at polygraphs and consider physical evidence.
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Re: Polygraph: Non-Science Justification
Reply #1 - Jul 8th, 2005 at 6:36am
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Outstanding post sir, very good points made. 

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Re: Polygraph: Non-Science Justification
Reply #2 - Feb 16th, 2007 at 3:09am
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Here here...... Wink
In defense to this post I would like to share my story.
Single mother of 2 girls. Never married father (bad violent abusive history that I sadly ended up getting sucked into). When the state took it upon its self to go after father for child support he then turned vindictive and demanded his visitation rights. I had no choice in the matter and had to comply. With in 6 months of visits my oldest child (then 6) began to show signs of sexual abuse. Then made disclosures that her father during visits had been abusing her. Visits ceased and this is where the real fight began. Aside from the sexual assault eval done on my daughter which showed abnormal tissues to areas disclosed abuse..... 
My daughter began disclosing that father had been taking pictures of her naked and even showed the therapist how she was told to pose.
At this disclosure the police dept retained a warrant to search his home finding what the detectives called "Grooming seductive pictures along with actual naked photos found that were highly questionable"
I was advised that there was no doubt that the father had involved my daughter in child porn and all evidence was pretty clear cut. 
Two weeks later I learn that the father has taken a lie detector test and told that ALL the questions he was asked were specifically picked by his attorney. I was even told what he was asked.. 2 times they asked him "did you touch your child’s bottom for anything other than hygienic reasons" He said "NO" and he passed the test.
Because of this test the detectives decided to completely ignore all of the evidence plus the porn found in his home (Child porn taken of my daughter) and the prosecutors office suddenly declined to prosecute stating not enough evidence. I was told by the detective at the time that Lie detector tests were 100% conclusive.   
Father was ordered to take a sex deviancy eval which to my understanding is also based on a series of lie detector tests and there are ways deviants can pass those as well... especially if the appropriate stimuli are not used like in a case of incest. They are also not admissible (Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals,)
Immediately after that test was completed it was sealed.  Thus no one was able to see the results. 
Despite many attempts to have it unsealed the judge continued to refuse its unsealing. 

To make matters worse the judge sitting on the case behind all of this was under  investigations for sexual misconduct (talk about conflict of interest) and kept quashing every piece of evidence that came up in the abuse of my daughter. The judge and family support prosecutor refused to see anything else except that lie detector test as evidence kept forcing issues of visitation and a custody swap.....Yet with all of the evidence stacking up my daughter began to disclose yet another abuser  (a family member of the father's) who we later learned had previous history of sexually abusing children. It is important to note here that my daughter was dislosing what sounded like ritual abuse naming both father and one of his family members along with other people whose names she did not know but could some what describe. 
To make a long story short... despite all the evidence I was labeled a brainwasher and alienator thus custody was given to the father and I was barred from any contact with my daughter’s period.
Now years later as my oldest is 19 and my youngest 16... my oldest has never once said that she was not abused nor will she say .. it didn't happen. She has had to file restraining orders on her father for assaulting her.  Fact is the subject is so tramatic for her still that she refuses to talk about any of it period. But for 6 years she made consistant disclosures to therapists and psychologists appointed by the court. Interesting to note here that each time she disclosed abuse to a newly appointed counselor the judge would remove that counselor and appoint her a new one who tried to talk her out of believing it ever happened. 
Her little sister is still living with the father absolutely miserable and wants to live with me. Father won't even allow her to speak to me. Both girls display typical behaviors of being battered and abused.
I have been seeking an attorney to try and turn things around to get my youngest daughter home and this new attorney says..... "you really should take a lie detector test to back up your claims"
What like all the previous evidence wasn't enough??
How can I even condone taking a test like that myself when I have argued all these years that the test the father took should never of been admitted as evidence. 
It seems to me that would be contradictory in my beliefs that those tests are in fact a bunch of bogus crap.
Here’s another thought......
I have been through so much pain and anguish over the loss of my children and the fraudulent, abuse not only by my ex but by the very system who was supposed to protect us... and am still being harassed in various means by my ex.....that i suspect by everything I have read about those tests. And how they work; that if I took one and they asked me things about my kids, or the abuse I would be so overly emotional about it that I would probably fail hands down.
There is no way i could be calm and not be an emotional wreck if they were to ask me if i brainwashed my child to say the abuse took place.... after the way the courts have treated me for trying to protect myself and my children.

Sorry to go into so much detail but  to make my point I felt it neccesary.. 

In my opinion those tests are a lazy mans way of dealing with justice with out actually having to do the work to find the truth ie: fact finding, evidence and the hard work it takes to do THEIR DAM JOB AS INVESTIGATORS in the 1st place.
Anyone who takes the results of a lie det. test (or even suggests that one be taken) over clear evidence is an absolute idiot and should be ashamed to say they have a license to practice law or sit on any bench or take the oath to uphold and protect the citizens of this country. 
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Polygraph: Non-Science Justification

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