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Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies) MMPI 2 First 75 Questions out of 567 Psych Exam (Read 929780 times)
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Re: MMPI 2 First 75 Questions out of 567 Psych Exam
Reply #555 - Feb 20th, 2020 at 10:23am
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@ ThugCop

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Re: MMPI 2 First 75 Questions out of 567 Psych Exam
Reply #556 - Mar 18th, 2021 at 7:28pm
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this test is a joke I've taken it 25 years ago and "passed" Some friends and I went to another city took the test as police applicants again and "Messed" with it they passed us all again... Also, when cop's boss's are pissed and we havent broken "P&P"  they can send us again. I was sent and I  asked the guy giving the test if I was "ok" to go back to work.He said yes by the way l.o.l. I say the best way is to go in and be truthful if you fail and your a police officer you get disability. lmao should have "F ed" with them and gone home.   Cheesy Tongue

Sorry, but you completely fabricated the law enforcement application portion of your (yes, 10 year old) post.

The MMPI is not scored on individual answers to individual questions.  Each question is included in one of the validity scales.  For example, question 1, 15, 30, 45...every 15th question is on the L "lie" scale.

The key to the scales depends on the statistical evaluation of millions of test scores.  They end up with an average score, over the millions of tests, for each scale.  Your score for each scale is measured against the key.  Do you fall in the 1st Standard Deviation (or 2nd SD - it depends on what industry is conduction the test)?  If you do then 67% of all people tested fall within your range.  If you attempt to give the answer you think they are looking for on individual questions its very likely you will test outside the acceptable range and be rejected.

For law enforcement the scales are made up of the millions of people who have applied for law enforcement positions and taken the MMPI.  Because that experimental group is a sub-group of the general population its normal scale is somewhat different.  You have to test within the 1st SD of that sub-group.

BTW:  I'm using Standard Deviation loosely here.  It is a normal measurement technique used in statistics but an industry might choose some other method of scoring a validity scale.  But the general theory still holds - trying to outguess the test based on individual test answers will usually backfire.  Its the overall score, not answers to individual questions, that count.
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MMPI 2 First 75 Questions out of 567 Psych Exam

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