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Scared and I need help
Jul 22nd, 2004 at 10:16pm
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I was convicted of a sexual offense about six months ago and put on a ssoda (special sex offender disposition alternative) and now have an extremley stiff and in my oppinion unfair sentence hanging over my head.

one of the requirements of this disposition is that I participate in weekly group therapy sessions run by a phsycotherapist, who employs various rules in her "program" that are srtictly enforced by the courts two of which are that I submit to quaterly polygraphs and that while in the "progarm" I am not to have sexual contact of any kind with ANYONE. 

The reason this has prove so difficult for me is because shortly after the start of my probation I met and fell in love with a wonderful girl who is fully aware of the situation and is very understanding, now a few weeks after we began dating there was a minor incedent of sexual contact and trusting in my counsoler and probation officer I self reported this right away as they instructed me to if something like this were ever to happen and two days later found myself sitting in detention for a week, when i was released I was told by my P.O. that if i did this again i would be facing a minimum of 30 days or even the possibility of having my probation revoked which would mean much much more time.

Now I am scheduled to take a polygraph, but only a few weeks ago my girlfreind and I had sex for the first time, now I am extremley frightened that i am going to be punished for doing something that I see as being perfectly natural with someone I love dearly and plan to be with for a very long time. I've already read chapters 3&4 of the lie behind the lie detector and I plan to re-read it but I found the countermeasures described to be complicated and very confusing, so I would greatly appreciate any advice, additional techniques, or personal experience that could be helpful to my specific situation.

thanks in advance

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Re: Scared and I need help
Reply #1 - Aug 8th, 2004 at 11:12pm
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Hello there...You may not enjoy what I write so be prepared.  You made a deal in order to avoid going to jail...That is rule #1.  You need to keep up with the terms of the deal...that is rule #2.  I am happy that you found love and its fantastic this person accepts you for who you are, however you made a deal, and if you can't follow the guidelines you were given in the deal I'm sure you made, then you should go back to jail...Personally I don't believe sex offenders can be reformed.  Once they cross the moral boundry of right and wrong they can do again.  Reading your post only solidifies my belief, since you can't finish out your sentence as listed.  If you morally felt guilty for what you did, you would have no problem in finishing out the terms of your probation/parole.  And now it gets better, you want to be taught on how to cheat in order to avoid being caught.  When does it end?  I think the problem is not about beating the poly, it's about learning to be an honest person.  I don't think you learned your lesson....and anyone who encourages this person the lie and cheat has no moralls either...He needs to turn his life around, and not by cheating the opinion.....
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Re: Scared and I need help
Reply #2 - Aug 10th, 2004 at 1:55am
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SM's right: this isn't about a poly, it's about you following thru on what you 'agreed' to do.  

You were given a chance by the court system via SSODA.  If you can't keep from breaking the simple rules of the "program",  how can you trusted not to break the ones that matter? 

Face the music... do what you say you're gonna do, tell the truth, accept the conscequences.  
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Scared and I need help

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