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Jun 25th, 2004 at 6:47am
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This 'professional' organization, in a nutshell, admits upfront that this is an interrogation/control tool.  Not one that actually shows truth.

However, available accuracy data also suggest that between and of polygraph charts indicating deception are incorrect. Since polygraph is theoretically based on fear of being caught lying, it is necessary to attach significant consequences to deceptive charts. This puts practitioners who use PSCOT in the position of knowing that to of examinees they sanction for deception are in fact, victims of test error.

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Re: Wow.
Reply #1 - Jul 12th, 2004 at 3:06am
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will any of these questions or similar ones be on the test for  fbi linguistic contractor? 
which ones will prevent hiring 
what about having sex with someone who was on sychotropic meds and  may ahve been incompetent? 
or took money by force oor ttrikc form someoen who owed you/ 
cheated on an exam 
had casual sex 
cheated on ones wife or girlfriend 
paid someoen for sex? 
attempted credit card fraud  with the id of someoen who owed u moeny etc 
stuff like that 
was a rate evader on insurance 
lied about their address to get a cheaper insurance rate 
had homosexual activity 
or sexual activity with someoen who may ahve been underaged? 

Obtained from: ;
CVSA Comparison Study 
------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- 
Name: ___________________________________________________ Date:____________   
Your last examination was on_____________________ . Since then have you: (circle "Y" for yes, "N" for no, explain where needed)   
Y N 1. Had sexual relations will, anyone? (list first name and age)   
(a)_________________________________ (b)_________________________________   
Y N 2. List the locations besides your horde where you've engaged in sexual activity.   
(a)_________________________________ (b)_________________________________   
Y N 3. Rented any X-rated movies, looked at pornographic magazines, been to any houses of prostitution or adult book/sex type stores?   
Y N 4. Had any sexual contact with animals?   
Y N 5. Had any kind of contact with any of your victims (direct, phone, letters or messages of any kind)?   
Y N 6. Have you masturbated? (When, where, most number of times in 1 day)   
(a)_________________________________ (b)_________________________________ (c)_________________________________   
Y N 7. Do you ever think or fantasize about any of your victims while masturbating?   
Y N 8. Had any kind of contact with children or persons under 18 that would violate your probation or conditions of treatment?   
Y N 9. Does your group treatment program know of all persons you've had sexual contact with since your last examination?   
Y N 10. Engaged in any sexual activity with the person(s) listed above that the groupwould consider sexually improper? (Use of physical force, fantasies, trickery, etc.)   
Y N 11. Lied or misrepresented any important information in treatment?   
Y N 12. Done anything at all of an improper sexual nature that the group would disapprove of? (Besides what's already on this form) Explain fully.   
________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ 
Y N 13. Left the state without permission? Explain if "YES" answers.   
________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ 
Y N 14. Been with anyone when they committed any criminal act of any kind?   
Y N 15. Stolen anything at all? (Shoplifting, from work, etc.)   
Y N 16. Had any alcoholic beverage to drink? (When-Where-How much)   
Y N 17. Seen illegal drugs being used or in the possession of anyone else?   
Y N 18. Been present or took part in any kind of drug transaction?   
Y N 19. Used any illegal drug yourself?   
Y N 20. Used anyone else's prescription medication?   
Y N 21. Been contacted by the police for anything?   
Y N 22. Committed any minor traffic violations you weren't caught for?   
Y N 23. Committed any kind of "general law" type violation for which you could have received a ticket or been arrested? (Bad checks, assault, criminal mischief, fish and game, weapons violations, littering, etc.)   
Y N 24. Done anything else we should talk about that could violate probation?   
I have told the absolute truth on this treatment questionnaire form:   
Signature: ___________________________________________
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Re: Wow.
Reply #2 - Jul 12th, 2004 at 7:54am
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Check out the "research" on the CVSA at this site mentioned above:

There is a lot of CVSA info and anecdotal stories. If you believe it, the CVSA tests, in over 50 comparisons with the polygraph, yielded IDENTICAL results!

Reads like an infomercial. Where's Popeil?


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Re: Wow.
Reply #3 - Jul 12th, 2004 at 4:56pm
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The question list you referenced is intended for the interrogation of convicted sex offenders, not law enforcement applicants. The polygraph questions asked by the FBI (or very near equivalents) are available in DoDPI's "Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Polygraph" document, which you can download here:


The similarities between CVSA and polygraphy are indeed striking! Wink It's funny how so many polygraphers decry CVSA as junk science while failing to view their own practice with the same critical eye.

By the way, the link you provided gives a directory listing. The index page for the Central Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts is here:

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