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Re: FBI pre-employment polygraph questions
Reply #15 - Mar 25th, 2004 at 3:20am
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There you go again George, you never passed a polygraph test, you never used any countermeasures, but yet you still hold yourself up as the final authority on both.  Unfffingbelievable!!!


Using that "logic" only a witch could opine on witchcraft.

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Re: FBI pre-employment polygraph questions
Reply #16 - Oct 28th, 2018 at 11:13pm
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A user named Someguy0 on the forum was recently banned and had his posts removed for posting the latest FBI polygraph questions.  I was able to find the Google cache of the page, which used to be at, and here is a copy and paste of Someguy0's post:


The FBI conducts their pre-employment polygraph at anyone of their offices around the U.S. An FBI Special Agent, who will brag about his polygraph training, will give your polygraph. The polygraph has two sets of questions, counterintelligence and lifestyle. In addition, there is a stupid pretest, a post test interrogations, and a repeat of questions. It will take about 4 hours total. During the pre-test, if you admit to anything in these counterintelligence or lifestyle areas, you will be drilled in that area. If you spike the charts during the actual test in any of these areas, you will be drilled during the post-test interrogation.

There are many questions that can be asked: List of possible FBI polygraph questions. Here are your likely questions:

The counterintelligence questions are broad enough to cover everything, so they are something like:
- Have you committed espionage against the U.S.?
- Have you supported terrorism against the U.S.?
- Have you had foreign contact with a foreign agency?

The lifestyle questions are also broad and may be something like:
- Did you try to research how to cheat the polygraph?
- Have you committed any serious crimes?
- Do you intend to lie to me?
- Have you ever told a lie since you were XX years old? This questions will come up in the pre-test and they will gauge how much you have lied to your parents over your whole life. They will pick an age as a threshold and use that.

The trick is, expect to be accused of lying, interrogated, and being told you are hiding something. Do not tell them anything, make no admissions. If you choose to use countermeasures, use the mental countermeasures described on the website in the book The Lie Behind the Lie Detector. Do not try the breathing or biting countermeasures, they can be detected if you do them wrong.

Yes, I am exposing information here. Enjoy!
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