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You have to understand what goes on in the process
Jan 8th, 2004 at 10:24pm
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     There is much more that they take into consideration for the polygraph phase. I have successfully passed the polygraph phase for one of the major federal law enforcement agencies. They take into consideration everything: your attitude when being told you're a liar, the tone of your voice, your non verbal body expressions, eye contact, if you stay calm, etc.
     I was told I was lying several times, in fact after each session was graded. I remained calm and consistent with all my answers, regardless of the accussation. I looked directly into his eyes everytime I told him I am being truthful.
     The first day lasted for 6 hours without a lunch break, then they wanted me to come back the next morning the re-test just the questions I was having problems with.
     The next morning the session lasted for about an hour, and all of a sudden all the questions that supposedly were not clearing the day before, were clearing, and they told me I passed.
     It's a game, they are testing your character, mental strength, respectfulness, and dedication. I've read most of the statements on this site, and they all made the common mistake of becoming defensive with the examiner. These people have to remember this is business between them and the examiner, not personal. They are acting like that for a reason, the same reason the drill instructor acts with his new recruits in boot camp. They have to be absolutely sure about who they hire.
     I'm in the last stage of the process (background investigation), and just had a home interview with an agent.
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Re: You have to understand what goes on in the pro
Reply #1 - Jan 9th, 2004 at 5:07pm
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Dear Passed,

I do not mind being told "I am not right for the job."  The employer has the right to hire who they want.

I do mind  the polygraph being the judge, juror, and executioner of my integrity without any investigation into the allegations that they will place on a record.  This record will follow any security application that I may make for the rest of my life.

Your statement seems to follow many in law enforcement that "pass" the polygraph.  Since you passed, it is ok, you got into the "club".  Those who did not pass do not "belong in the club". 

I find it amazing that they do not polygraph all military applicants but the government finds them trustworthy enough after back ground checks to be killed for this country. They are willing to place themselves in harms way for our welfare and that puts them into a much more elite club than any federal law enforcement agency.

I eventually passed the polygraph but "being acceptable" in no way made the whole process any more acceptable or scientific.  Pre-screening empolyment polygraphs are hurting government security and only providing good rhetoric for politicians and make those who pass feel good about themselves.

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Re: You have to understand what goes on in the pro
Reply #2 - Jan 19th, 2004 at 9:23pm
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Smiley  Dear Passed:  I read and respect your post. 

I am in the final stages of the hiring process and getting ready to go in for a polygraph in a few days with a major federal law enforcement agency.

I think what you say in your post is right.  The tester IS looking at you as a whole person; the complete "package" is being scrutinized, and rightfully so. 

Are you respectful to the tester?  I would hope so, but from reading posts on this forum, I gather that is not always the case.  ARE you honest, etc. ?  Or are you in there playing mind games?  CAN you be trusted?  ARE you dedicated?  Do you have what it will take?  Thats what this basically boils down to, isn't it?  WILL you let them down when they need you or will you be there for them?  Do you have integrity?  Are you reliable?  Of good character?

Are you deserving of this clearance and this position of public trust? 

A lot of people who make it this far, frankly, are not.

And hopefully this does weed most of them out.

And sometimes I think some people lose sight of the basic reason this is being done: to vet you as a whole person, out, to see if you do "have the right stuff".

I don't plan on using any CM in my test or trying to beat the guy.  I don't think I will need to at all. 

Thank you for having this site and forum.
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Re: You have to understand what goes on in the pro
Reply #3 - Jan 19th, 2004 at 9:56pm
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Another Guest,

I disagree.

The polygrapher is only looking for the graph to match their idea of a 'pass'.  There is no looking at the whole candidate.  Many candidates who are qualified for theses positions are just dismissed after the polygraph says their bad.

If you are America's worst serial killer, Gary Leon Ridgway, but your pattern matches a 'pass' - your a model citizen.

I wish you good luck on your application, but get your head out of the clouds...
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You have to understand what goes on in the process

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