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Reply #15 - Oct 29th, 2008 at 6:53am
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It is amazing that they even use these things. Even the American Polygraph Association, purveyors of voodoo science that they are, think the CVSA is junk.

If you look at any pair of websites, one promoting polys and one CVSA, both will bash the other.  Why not?  They compete with each other to sell the most BS detection devices.  As far as I know, no company makes both or promotes both items (could be wrong, but have never heard of it).

Poly sites say CVSA is junk, that some ex-cop from the Midwest invented them based on stuff he heard about while in the Army, and that they have no basis in truth.  The poly sites are right, for once.

The CVSA sites will tell you polygaffes, er, polygraphs have too many factors to read and make a consistent, correct analysis of the subject's truthfulness.  True.  They also say the voice, or actually some inaudible part of it, never lies.  Horsehockey... oh, CVSA also relies on post-test interrogation, thus demolishing their own claim to be correct without need of further techniques.

So they're both right in each other's failings and wrong in their own positive assertions about themselves.  Whoda thunk it?

I think polygraphers escaped among the evils of Pandora's box, which might have been an old analog polygraph... only God can tell whether you're lying or not, and He's got other things on His plate...
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