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Dec 17th, 2002 at 12:05am
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Just a thought...

We need to get this website advertised.  I believe that getting this website advertised is a major component to the steps leading to polygraph law reform or erradication.  The polygraph is a device that the GOVERNMENT has put in place to try and weed out those who they see as unfit.

I was thinking the other day...

There is a website on the internet (of which name I will not mention),  and what it offers is a list of places where a certain dollar bill has traveled during a period of its lifetime.   

How,  you may ask,  can they tell you where a particular dollar bill has traveled(?), including profiles of those who have took ownership of the particular bill for a period,  as well as towns it has traveled to?

This is how the whole thing works:

People take random dollar bills that they receive and physically write down the name of the website that exists on the net that serves as a data base/game for those who feel like playing along.  They then visit the net and punch the specific serial code of the dollar bill into the boards and write a profile of themselves and where they were from,  maybe even going as far as including what the bill was eventually used to buy.  A person might receive the dollar bill down the road and find interest in investigating the website and then adding to the list of data about where the bill has traveled.

Here is what I am begging of all of you to do who read this and are absolutely sick and tired of the problems that polygraphs have caused for good citizens trying to get the jobs that they so rightfully deserve:

Every once in a while,  take a dollar bill (or any bill for that matter) and carefully write with a red pen:


Write it neatly in the empty bordering of the bill and not too large.  Maybe even go as far as wrting "Learn to Beat the Lie Detector."

The point is...

Dollars flow,  and they get to a lot of people very quickly.

What better way to spark up interest in the website?

I also find it ironic that the government made and distributed 
dollar bill will be used to advertise against itself in a remote way.

I am an outside party and not related to the producers or managers of this website.  I am sure they will be strongly opposed to my idea,  but I want to help them out and I want to help the cause against the polygraph.

Its a really simple thing to do that will go a long way,  and there is relatively little to no risk in doing it whatsoever.

Just think back about all the times you have had a bill with some form of writing or artwork carried out on it.

This is going to be simply a neatly written message placed 
appropriately in the emptly border of the bill.

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Reply #1 - Dec 17th, 2002 at 12:15am
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You guys crack me up!

How serious can you be if you're going to limit it to $1 bills.  Who the hell looks at $1 bills?  Come on, get serious, I wouldn't go lower that a $50 bill myself!

And don't forget the Shithouse wall writings.   

George, maybe you should have a mass mailing of a million markers, with instructions to write  "IF YOU HATE POLYGRAPH or A POLYGRAPH EXAMINER GO TO ANTIPOLYGRAPH.COM!", on anything and everything until the ink runs dry.

Let's go guys, get out there and write until your fingers go numb!

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Reply #2 - Dec 17th, 2002 at 7:06am
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Thanks for sharing your ideas. 

In the future, please do not cut and paste copies of your post in every single forum. The Action Alerts forum is the appropriate place for your post. The duplicate posts have been deleted.

This topic has now been locked. The identical thread in the Action Alerts board will remain open for viewing and posting. Administrator
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