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FBI screening - in particular, medical background
Oct 8th, 2002 at 1:52am
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Looking for information:

I'm in the midst of the application process with the FBI. †I've checked out this site, as well as others, but am unable to find detailed information about the medical background portion of the selection process. †The last thing I want to do is waste anymore time (I've passed Phase I and am moving onward) if my medical situation makes selection impossible. †I'm fine with all the prerequisites for the position, except that I'm concerned with the clean bill of health requirement. †I have a thyroid condition that requires me to take medication daily. †Other than that inconvenience, there is absolutely no adverse effects from my condition so long as I keep up the medication. †Can anyone help me out with some information? †The fbi website seems particularly vague on this issue.
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Re: FBI screening - in particular, medical backgro
Reply #1 - Oct 8th, 2002 at 1:46pm
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Hi Mongo,

While I have no specific information with regard to your particular medical condition, I have two suggestions that may help:

1. A simple anonymous phone call to the FBI seeking clarification on that issue. If you can get a crystal clear statement from a responsible party that your condition does not preclude you from employment, get their full name and make a detailed log of the phone call.

2. Find a doctor or two who will render an official opinion on their letterhead that-- in their professional opinion-- your medical condition would not interfere with your ability to perform your job. Have those opinions ready in case you meet with resistance and/or a need for clarification on just what that condition is.

Hope this helps,


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Re: FBI screening - in particular, medical backgro
Reply #2 - Oct 10th, 2002 at 1:24am
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† I recently (8/2/02) completed the entire FBI application process. I do not feel the bureau would disqualify someone for a preexisting medical condition that is treatable and under control. I have had glaucoma for 20 years, which requires me to be on prescription medication (eye drops) for the rest of my life. It had absolutely no effect on my selection process what so ever. I simply listed the disease and told the doctor when I was undergoing the medical exam process. They simply checked my eye pressure, and ensured the disease is being treated..

†Of course your question could vary as it is wide sweeping with respect to exactly which diseases you are referencing. However, I think as long as the disease you question is treatable, and under control, you will have no problems.

†Please keep in mind; this is strictly my personal opinion.

Good luck with the bureau. Iím sure you will do well.

PS, I urge you to download and read "TLBTLD" if you have not already done so prior to taking your pre-employment polygraph. It's good advice.

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FBI screening - in particular, medical background

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