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Bat Cave Mental Health Professionals
Sep 5th, 2002 at 2:41am
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Batman, I will renege on my previous statement that I would not respond to your rebuttal.  You can reach me at, but I suspect that because your rebuttal will not be visible for public consumption, that you will not respond.  This is because your personality demands the attention of more than one man.


I am mournful in having to deliver this sullen message to you: you are ‘Mary.’  As dreadful as it might be for you to accept this realization, you have to embrace this fact and seek help in correcting your behavioral ailment.

Unfortunately, you are just like Joseph’s ‘Mary,’ in which, because of your loneliness, you crave attention.  This feeling of worthlessness that you possess directs you to ‘pick fights’ with individuals just so that you can be recognized.  That is, be singularly identified from the herd.

I certainly do not want to attribute the physical aspects of ‘The Simpson’s Comicbook Guy’ (a cynosure reference that profilers in federal law enforcement like to use because of its universal cognition) to yourself, but the underlying personality is relevant.  I cannot affirm this, but I am quite sure that you participate in other internet chat rooms and pursue the same line of adversarial behavior, just to gain attention.  I suspect that you are an individual who has been neglected. 

Not only did you waste your own time in this thread, but you also wasted the time of dedicated individuals who are earnest in their effort.  In addition, you blindly accused a man of something that you have no evidence in which to back your claim.  Again, you were just fishing for attention.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

I apologize if the reality of all this comes as a shock to you, (the truth hurts) but please do not expect me to reply to your rebuttal because I am well aware of the game that you play and I will not join in.  Please take your meaningless fight off this website and apply it somewhere else.

POST SCRIPT FOR SENIOR MEMBERS:  You fell into Batman’s trap because you recognized [him] and lent [him] the credence and credibility that [he] has not established. (but so sorely desires)  [He] constantly attacked your character and integrity, but because of your kind nature, you failed to question [him] on [his] achievements and credibility.  Please, for the purpose of our mission, don’t veer from the path in order to entertain ‘Comicbook Guys’ like Batman.  Focus on the task at hand.  For every reply written to Batman, an equal amount of time could have been spent petitioning a Congressman or Senator.   ---Rick   
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Re: Bat Cave Mental Health Professionals
Reply #1 - Sep 6th, 2002 at 6:49pm
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My mother always told me I looked stupid, but she never said I was stupid.  You know full well I won't correspond with you via personal e-mail.  There is no way I can afford to give you or any of the other "hostiles" on this site the opportunity to know my actual identity.  Regardless of how I respond, you word you posting in such a way as to present me as a loser regardless.  If I fail to respond or respond to you privately then my response is "not visible for public consumption", however if I respond as I am now, then my "personality demands the attention of more than one man."   So, based on your standards, and the fact that I am responding in this forum, I guess I must demand the attention of more than one man.  Some others might say that I am more than one man can handle.  Regardless, if you know who I am, give me a name, and if correct I will acknowledge it.  If not then state your issue(s) and maybe we can dance!

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Re: Bat Cave Mental Health Professionals
Reply #2 - Sep 8th, 2002 at 2:33pm
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I think Batman makes a valid point regarding the Catch-22 you've presented him. Smiley


If you'd like to be able to correspond anonymously with users of this website (or anyone else, for that matter) via e-mail, why not set up a free account with ZipLip? You don't have to provide your name, and the e-mail you send via ZipLip will not include your IP address (as does e-mail sent with Microsoft's Hotmail). If at some point you'd like to become a registered user of this website, you can also use your ZipLip e-mail account for this purpose. I recommend it.

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