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Normal Topic Brain fingerprinting...??? (Read 1478 times)
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Brain fingerprinting...???
Jun 7th, 2006 at 10:21pm
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I just found this:

Any comments/input from our beloved Polygraphers in this board?
C'mon guys..We love you and we hate you..!!! j/k (you guys are just doing your job)

Is this what's going to replace the Polygraph machine..??
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Re: Brain fingerprinting...???
Reply #1 - Jun 7th, 2006 at 11:03pm
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"The probe stimuli contained information that would be common knowledge only to someone within federal law enforcement. With 100% accuracy, brain fingerprinting identified the agents from the non-agents. A further study was able to differentiate between individuals who had participated in real life events and those who had not. This research has been documented in the Journal of Forensic Sciences."

Wow!  100% accuracy on this scenario.  That's impressive. 
Reminds me of the movie "Minority Report" where the police just scan your mind and sentence you for the crime right in the field.
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