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Topic Summary - Displaying 3 post(s).
Posted by: George W. Maschke
Posted on: Jun 29th, 2001 at 7:31pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote

Good luck at the academy, and thank you for your kind words! Please do continue to tell others about this website. One of the best ways to forestall polygraph abuse is for those who are being subjected to polygraph "testing" to inform themselves. And by all means, stop by again after your graduation!
Posted by: Nate
Posted on: Jun 29th, 2001 at 7:16pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
! Cry

Just letting everyone know that today is my last day as a parole/probation officer because I am starting the police academy next week.  I won't have access to a computer anymore on breaks so you might see my post limited now because I will be at the academy.  Don't worry, I won't forget you guys or anything you have taught me.  I have already been teaching people about the polygraph and referring them to this web site.  PLEASE continue your work.  I am forever in dept to George and Gino.  Thank you and god bless.

Posted by: Nate
Posted on: Apr 25th, 2001 at 5:38pm
  Mark & Quote
False Positive?!? (Date posted: 12/13/00 at 12:06:10)      Logged

***These two article were previously posted on this site.  This was put here by the author in the “share your experience” for that purpose***

“I recently took a test for a police department in Kansas. I believe in honesty and upholding the law. Therefor I told them EVERYTHING that I ever did. The worst thing I did was steal money from my fist job when I was 16. I was told that they would not hold that against me and went ahead and hired a polygrapher. This means I could have received a job if I passed the polygraph. 
Well the polygraph came out that I lied on a question. The question was "Besides when you where 16, have you ever stole any more money from an employer". I answered no, which was the truth. It said I lied but what's really weird is that none of my jobs after that one dealt with money? I worked the campus police department, loss prevention, private investigator, jailer, and I'm currently a probation officer. I believe I failed because the question was about something I did that I feel guilty and nervous about. 
Needless to say my application was stopped when they found out I failed the polygraph. I'm only 23 and have a BS in Criminal Justice (with high honors) and I have always wanted to be a police officer. I don't have anything on my record, not even a speeding ticket!!! Now all the police departments refer me too the same polygraph company that failed me, so or course he's going to fail me again because it will make him look unprofessional if he doesn't come out with the same results. What should I do?”

Nate's Re-Test!!! (Date posted: 03/02/01 at 15:15:15)      Logged

Well guys I took another police polygraph test today for one of the largest police departments in the State of Kansas. It took like 3 hours but not because of the examiner’s fault but mine. We talked for 2 hours before the test. The examiner was extremely nice and very honest. He flat out told me how to beat the polygraph by using countermeasures before we started. He even explained the different techniques used in detail. He did say that 9 times out of 10 he will catch someone that uses these because they are not trained well enough and make mistakes in which he sees (didn’t see how but I’ll let him think that). I talked to him about my concerns and I told him everything, including that I was familiar with the control/relevant questions and how they are used. He was very nice and answered all of my questions. I told him that I would NOT being using countermeasures because I didn't want to work on a PD that I had to trick to get on.  This was the truth.

This examiner was actually a police officer for a different police department and he said he does this on the side because he hated that fact that some polygraph examiners are not honest and that sometimes "they" decide who to pass and who not to pass. He made me feel at ease with his honesty. 

After much discussion he said that I would be fine and to take the polygraph. When he asked me the control questions I refused to lie, and tried to tell the truth, he simply said "Nate, you know what I'm doing, just say no, trust me". I trusted him and lied on the control questions and I passed with flying colors. No deception on any relevant questions! I told him how this was the police department that I really wanted and that on my past "false positive" I told them that I would rather work for another police department which was the truth. He told me this could have been why I was failed. He said this was not a good thing, but reality. 

He then showed me the charts that showed how the computer and him both agreed that I was telling the truth (or didn't show a reaction). We got in depth about the sub-conscience and how it applies to polygraph testing and it really helped answer a lot of my questions. 

All in all he shook my hand and hoped to see me on the Police Department soon because I had now passed all of the pre-employment tests with extremely high scores in all categories. Thanks for all the help and information. I think I'm just going to dismiss my first "false positive" as either following the "false positive percentage" or that the examiner did in fact not want to pass me because that police department was not my first choice. I'll let you guys know how the academy goes!!!