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Posted by: Determinedviolet
Posted on: Mar 3rd, 2020 at 7:59pm
  Mark & Quote
Hello I am new here. I know no one here can verify if I am being honest or not. But for the sake of argument letís say that I am honest. I have had MMPIs in the past that only showed a slight dip in depression due to my current divorce. I recently had one done by a court selected psychiatrist that had only met me 3 hours and then she verbally stated my results from my MMPI and some fill in the blank questionnaire. She stated she felt I had OCD, Histrionic Personality, and inappropriately using big words to get specific emotional response when I describe the abuse me and my children have gone through from my ex-husband. The OCD I guess was because I submitted several documents from myself and others about the abuse after the Psychiatrist requested I give her whatever I had to support my claims. I am still waiting on the written results but the verbal was nothing like my past results and nothing at all like the person I am. I know it sounds strange but I do have very good reason why this Psychiatrist would be biased against me and skew my results in a negative direction. My question is how do I prove something like a biased Psychiatrist? Am I able to take my recent MMPI answers I selected to another independent Psychiatrist or my current psychologist and have it read? Would this be valid? I am still waiting to ask these questions to my current psychologist. I am just trying to get other helpful suggestions that I may have not thought of. Iím looking more for unbiassed factual ways to prove this than just another person/MDís opinion. 
Thank you in advance for your time.