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Posted by: LimewireIdiot
Posted on: Feb 5th, 2019 at 5:56pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Yup one file. They showed up with a warrant. They showed me a printed picture of the file and I remembered it. I remember previewing it, freaking out, and deleting off the download list. I told them that and they didn't care. It sucks but at least I have a chance to get it off my record and get off the registry.
Posted by: name name name
Posted on: Feb 2nd, 2019 at 11:21am
  Mark & Quote
LOL.  Man you are fine.  Limewire used to be a bitch back in the day, lots of stuff to download, but lots of malware too.  You should have never been convicted.  I'm surprised you got caught for one file?  Did the police just show up at your door with a warrant for your computer because they were tracking that child porn file?

I have viewed lots of child porn online, pretty little nude underage girls, on purpose, because I am a disgusting perv.  I just never download.   And I view it through proxies, VPNs, anonymous locations (never at home), and with more security stuff so I can't be tracked.  I am a criminal and I believe in beating the system.  Fuck laws.

Regarding your polygraph, you could have been honest.  I've taken a few polys and openly admit to looking at beautiful women in a sexual way, viewing porn (legal porn only), getting angry and wanting to fight someone, telling lies to family (my wife is getting fat, and I hate my sister's cooking, but I lie).  And if you think your PO is a dick and tell your friends that, so what?!  These are all normal behaviors.  The only things worth lying about are crimes and drugs and evil plans. 

These polygraph games need to stop.  Glad you beat your poly.  I lied and beat mines too with mental CMs of my own. 
Posted by: LimewireIdiot
Posted on: Feb 1st, 2019 at 5:50pm
  Mark & Quote
Hi I'd like to share my experiences with PC polygraphs so far. A little history about my conviction, I was downloading porn using a file sharing software, ignorant of the risks involved and lacking knowledge about the software I was using. I accidentally downloaded a child pornography file the police were tracking. Once I previewed the video I immediately stopped it and deleted it from the que. Little did I know that the 25 seconds worth of video I downloaded before deleting it from the que left an incomplete file of it in the software's folder it created when I downloaded the software. I was arrested for possession of child pornography even though I had no other illegal files or pornography on my hard drive. I had no other choice but a plea deal for misdemeanor possession which I would serve 5 years probation but I would be eligible for a probation before judgement after 3 years if I complete therapy and don't download child pornography again. The latter being very easy. The first polygraph I had I passed because I had read the book from this site but still answered truthfully to everything. I was mainly just trying to identify the control questions and other things the book points out.

The second test I had, I decided to lie on the 2 out of 5 questions I was asked that didn't pertain to my case or seem very important. The first question was (paraphrasing) "Do you think about attractive women you see in person in a sexual way?" I answered no, but if I see a hot woman, my instinct kicks in and I like to imagine what they look like naked. The second question was "Do you ever talk bad to other people  about your probation agent?" I answered no but of course I do. He's an asshole about a lot of unnecessary things to be an asshole about.

Anyhow I came back non-deceptive on all questions. I just made sure my breathing was perfectly steady throughput the 3 different tests of the same 5 questions. That was all I focused on, even counting it out in my head, "in 2,3, out ,2,3" etc the whole time.