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Topic Summary - Displaying 2 post(s).
Posted by: freepress68
Posted on: Jan 29th, 2018 at 10:03pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Washington Whispers, the source of all Swamp information, just issued a news flash!  Ocular technology must undergo the FDA approval process and occupational safety testing since it may be considered a medical device. 

The prolonged exposure of the human eye to focused infrared light may potentially pose health hazards according to the medical literature on this topic. Not to mention such prolonged exposure allows for the covert mapping of the eyes which is as good as fingerprints for biometric identification.   

I wonder if this is explained in the waiver before a Reading Test is administered?  Is a database of "Eye Prints" being covertly created without the knowledge of those being tested?   

Theoretically collecting such Personally Identifying Information may potentially violate worldwide privacy laws?  Attorneys?  Comments?  Please do so.
Posted by: freepress68
Posted on: Jan 27th, 2018 at 5:38pm
  Mark & Quote
Our inside man at "Washington Whispers", a mainstay of offbeat information for all Swamp dwellers, tells us a bizarre tale of false prophets from out West heading to the Swamp with hat in hand, making their best, but mostly pitiful case for a paltry $1M and huge contracts, of course at taxpayer expense.  Such a dog and pony show to support a technology that is no better than the 100-year-old pseudoscientific career wrecking apparatus that has failed every agency ever to use it!  But wait, a Reading Test is billed as "THE" replacement for polygraph, with an astounding 65% accuracy rate.  But of course, it has to be legitimate, it was created by the same eggheads who brought us the computerized career wrecker.  It was an odd sight, seeing the little sharks who escaped their salt water tank make the rounds through the Swamp with high priced lobbyists in tow.  Or was it the other way around?  The likes of a former mid level Pentagon bureaucrat and former DHS losers, all with one common goal.  Get the money for the greedy ones out West before the cash runs out...  Limping along, with no Series A on the horizon, burning through cash like a gambling fiend who just had a large pay day, the good ship OCULAR is taking on water and listing badly.  The big backers are nowhere to be seen since the financials do not add up upon close inspection.  And who is the good ship OCULAR fooling?   

The legions of low level private Eyes who fall for the slick sales pitch and buy into the cloud-based pyramid scheme, thinking they can make easy money administering a Reading Test, the results of which cannot be verified? This ill educated lot doesn't care if they wreck more careers, you See, it is all about the money.  We must assume this is the case since the Swamp creatures aren't buying into it. We estimate another bridge round to nowhere will keep the good ship OCULAR afloat for several more months.   

Big talk of convertible notes and inflection points will certainly impress the ignorant.  $49 per Reading Test on the GSA Schedule?  1M plus US government Reading Tests annually - an easy $50M for a cloud-based scam that produces no disclosures to imagined transgressions.  And where does that leave the tax payers?   

Bernie Madoff would be jealous, this could be the greatest pyramid scheme of all time.  Comments Sharks????  We know you are Reading.