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Posted by: Geth
Posted on: Apr 9th, 2012 at 3:36pm
  Mark & Quote
My goal in life is to make a career in the USAF. I have a reputible 4-year degree from a good college and I know for a fact that the military is where I need to be.

I have sworn in to the USAF and am awaiting results from the OTS board. If I don't get OTS then I start BMT in the future. My enlisted job requires security clearance (and OTS most certainly will too).

I have a very small drug histroy from my past. I experimented with weed about 8 times in college. It was a stupid phase I went through that was mostly fueled by peer pressure. My recruiter (and others I've heard from) said that under 16 times is considered harmless experimentation and to not worry about mentioning it. As a result, at MEPS I explained that I have not abused the drug.

I''ve talked to Airmen who've graduated from BMT that encountered my same situation. Before they went in for security clearance, they disclosed their predicament and mentioned they've used under 10 times and they still got to keep their clearance.

My question is two-fold:
1. If I fail to get a commission to OTS and go to BMT, should I continue to follow my recruiter's information and just say that I haven't used? Or should I disclose that I've used 8 times? I've read on this forum that the polygraph test the military gives does not even concern drug history. Is this true? Also, do they polygraph everyone that gets clearance? 

2. If I get the commission to OTS, do they treat their security clearance operations that same as BMT?

Thanks for the info.