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Posted by: Polygone
Posted on: May 4th, 2005 at 3:16am
  Mark & Quote
   Yes. Your correct Pillpopper. I actually don't know the full extent of the site's users actions.
   I apologize if I sounded disrespectful to you or others who direct themselves against the poly, it wasn't my intent. However please read on Pillpopper.
   Contacting congress through writing is necessary yet there exists a much bigger picture. Alot of the legislative and judicial stipulations and procedures are what I call 'the white man's camouflage'(and yes,I'm white).
   It's important to understand that you, or anyone else, can spend forever in paperwork and red tape with nothing changed by the end of a lifetime. There are much bigger themes and concepts to understand here, that is, with the polygraph and America. To really understand the faults and inherent hole in the poly it's essential to 'see outside of the picture'. It's like the continuim of a black hole in space, or the understanding of a mass object at light speed. In other words the key in deciphering the poly's end is to think around and past it. To grasp what's actually real, but cannot' be seen,                   ....yet.
  No lie detector actually exists. However certain people have succeeded  in establishing a concept of one. If you hypothetically went to another land with people of no knowledge or understanding of the poly it would be very easy for you or I to establish the concept of a 'lie detector' without actually having any physical(or otherwise)device. Because deception, or a lie, is a fundamental or basic instinct in a human species, therefore to just identify this to people automatically creates the theoretical origin of it's opposite.
   You see we are all governed by the earth and all things physical consisting with 'life'. Therefore everything in our lives has an opposite, as dictated by our life and by nature. In other words no lie detector has to exist to concieve of the theory of one. Because as human beings our minds will follow a natural, logical pattern and believe a 'lie detector' must exist, or at least be possible. However one doesn't. And as human beings we have a multitude of opposites in the consciousness of a life that canno't be proven, yet are very real.
   Search throughout history and you will find that in the time line of the entire human existence on Earth no person or persons has ever been able to reveal, find, or prove what actually leaves when a human being dies, or explained another way, what must be void in a human for his/her life to be over? (the comparatively grossly simple physical mechanics is an inelligible answer).
   'How does all this relate or matter to the poly?' Simple. The claims of the poly were originated in a false foundation. The reality of 'deception' or a 'lie' is governed not by this, but by nature, and are today, proven by science.
   It's really just a matter of a mathmatical equation, or, the findings and testings of science. And the concept of a 'lie detector' has, thus far in human existence, been an unproven fact. Modern science can easily verify this.
   Until now the poly has only been like a big bully in a corner of the playground. You or I have been controlled or forced by it only because it's been established as a power. But you and I know it's false. Science and reality dictate that it cannot' continue. Like an uphill stream or an ice cube in the dessert I may get you to believe they exist but reality will control the truth, as we know to be otherwise. History proves this, and eventually, the poly would be over anyway. Personally, my actions are just going to speed it up... Smiley

   Brandon Hall, I believe the 'going away' of the poly is much closer than you think. Yes, it's been ingrained in American history but so has slavery, women as second class-inferior human beings, and multitudes of diseases thought to be incurable,                          ....but you don't see those anymore do you? Wink
   Yes, it is a sad irony that the accused or prosecuted learn the hard realities in such ways. I couldn't agree more. But it's of no consequence Brandon Hall. And opportunities are made...
   When one polygrapher is prosecuted, you will see big changes. And you could literally trip trying to walk across the ground thats littered with their mistakes.
   As an example, the Wilbank's case. What if Jennifer's husbans poly test had been a failure? The polygraphers are ignoring serious holes in their poly. It' a fact that he had a very high percentage of  chance to just as easily been false positive. And with the latter discoveries, had enacted laws been in place, a record of the test and results recorded, documented, and legally submitted with the polygrapher's endorsement, that polygrapher would now be facing serious charges. Fines and or jail, along with national exposure of discreditment.
   You sound to me like a terrific proponent of justice with the poly. Personally, I like your attitude.

    Everclear, I also enjoy this site and have huge respect and good will towards the administrator, G.M..
   And definitely, as it is today, I am nothing compared to this site, BUT,, today, I have a inexhaustible resource that can change the poly now. However, it is going to take a bit of time, determinally immeasurable today, to arc over a few, current, hurdles and obstacles.
   Anyway, I don't like to say too much although I already have, and the poly industry will protect it's money river just as the bootleggers did in times ago. And I most likely shouldn't speak of the next things I say,

                 ....but since you are asking Everclear,,

   We can start by not validating the poly by falsly affirming it through bickering with it's proponents and polygraphers. 'you are!' 'no, you are!' 'no, YOU are!' 'no,.....
   Channeling that energy into the focus would be better.
   Gather financial statistics on treatment facilities that use the poly. Show courts, state and fed a comparisson with ligitimate self help businesses. Show the county, show the state. Reveal the polygrapher's profit margin and compare it to other treatment methods.
   Ask the legislators to require a cost standard across America. If the poly industry is real, as they claim, then they can survive without the financial gouging.   ..isn't that right A.P.A.?
   Eliminate the outrageous profit and let them stand on proof and facts alone.
   Flood the country with polys (or inexpensive versions) and invalidate the industy claimed authenticity. Take it to the poeple. Don't just have signatures. If the government won't listen give the people the means to completely expose and discredit the poly.
   Let them practice their own poly tests, give test, then no one will substantiate it's use anymore.
   Show and teach the public that anyone can be prosecuted because of the poly, guilty, innocent?, makes no difference...
   Show parents that if hypothetically their child was abducted by a stranger they (the parents) could be prosecuted or even receive a life sentence if they failed their poly in realtion to who's guilty.
   Help make the law force polygraphers to administer without a prior history. Blind. If lies can really be detected as they claim then a subject's history is irrellivent because the instrument 'just reveals lies'.
   Force them to prove the claim that a lie will be detected, just in general,, let's see someone lie who nothing is know of.    ..sound reasonable polygrapher?
   Go for their wallets. Poly income records. Reveal nationally how the APA targets money.
   Reveal and require a legislative decision on the fact that states don't license the instrument or test. Go and use anyone and when it's objected take it to court. Wouldn't you love to see the courts explain to you how they require an accredited or specific polygrapher, legally, although their own law says there is no  legal standard?
   Make them explain or show you a legal discription of a polygraph instrument. Have them explain why the APA's instruments are any different from something you or I or anyone has manufactured in the name of deception detecting...
   Reveal how patients/clients recieving treatment are soley withheld because of the poly. It' a discrimination tool.
   I gaurantee you there exists evidence that substantiates differences in race and sex to which the poly is biased by way of design and application.
   Ask the legislators how a treatment facility would othwise hold or stop someone's treatment progress without the poly? What would be used as it's equivilent?
   Help the govenment legally require recorded poly tests as a minimum standard. Prosecute for false positives. Create law that forces consequences for factually disproven false positives. Make polygraphers prove their alligations and accusations.
   Gather the medical community's legal standards, practices, and findings that reveal all the conditions that would cause reactions to anyone's blood pressure. Anyone's breathing. Anyone's sweating. The psychiatric community proves endless in fact here.
   Help pass laws that make businesses accountable for state and federal dollars wasted because they have been falsly promised the authenticity of the poly. They provide funding in good faith that the recipient is operating under full acceptance and knowledge of the recognized facts of their trade. However the poly industry is lying to the providers.
   America cares about money, so show them there being had by the poly industry!
   Ask the government if they have enough confidence in the instrument to take periodic tests with real consequences for failures?         ...if the answer is no, then show America this and let's make the poly illegal for everyone! Help them set a humane standard in America and across the world!
   Re-open past test results of false positives. Prove the truth with the facts and prosecute the polygrapher who intentionally falsified unproven and untrue facts.

                           those are a few things I had in mind Everclear.
   Don't buy the fascade or hype just because a majority has been influenced. The truth is easily seen and distinguished. Changing the poly today is just about physical symantics.