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Topic Summary - Displaying 4 post(s).
Posted by: FollowMeHome - Ex Member
Posted on: Aug 27th, 2004 at 8:07pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Nothing like self-absorption waste of time.
Posted by: Bodybuilder
Posted on: Aug 27th, 2004 at 7:39pm
  Mark & Quote
They were prohormones, I don't put anything in my body without researching it first, M1T is what I just finnished a cycle on.  I know at 18 its not something to put all my hopes in, but then again its my gimmic.  Ronnie colemen didnt even start lifting to become a bodybuilder until his 30's, and Jay cuttler started in his teens, I believe he was 19 when he first competed, and won his first show.  The organization that is holding this event is the INBF... ; At 18, I'm bigger than a lot of guys I see compete, sure your thinking get a life, who wouldnt, 4 hours in a gym might seem stupid and unbarable to some, but when I step foot in the gym, I just enter a different world, I can sculpt my body however I want.  I mean I'm not trying to go pro, I'm trying to get my name out there, and I don't want a stupid test to get in the way of that.  I would post my stats, but I have foud that to be stupid as per no one believes me and I dont have any Pics' to back them up, but I've just got that genetic edge, like arnold, at least thats what my sponser told me.  If I have people willing to invest in me, then I need to pass the test, but thanks for your info. about how the test is going to be like, meaning not that bad interrogation wise, you've eased my mind a lot.  Bodybuilding is my life, it has been for 2 years, and it will for many more, thanks for helping me out man, I really appericiate your advice and insight.
Posted by: dimas
Posted on: Aug 27th, 2004 at 2:45pm
  Mark & Quote
Ok, first thing is first.  

You are 18 and getting polygraphed for a "competition" in which they do not even allow the use of "legal ergogenic aids".  Does this also include things such as Tribulus, hell even Zinc has been shown to increase testosterone levels and there is no way you can avoid consuming that.  Is that an automatic disqualifier? Seems to me that whomever is actually running this competition is an idiot.  

Second, your fear over things like Pro-hormones makes me really wonder if it was indeed pro-hormones that you used or hormones.  

Third, while you are young and I would never really want to shatter your dreams, bodybuilding isn't really a career.  At least not one that you will make a decent living off of.  Hell the TOP/BEST bodybuilder in the world worked his ass off as a police officer for years before he could afford to make a living as a Bodybuilder (and I think it is obvious he is full of steroids).  Point is don't put too much thought into this you are young and I would hate to see you go down the wrong path.

Finally, it is a polygraph for a friggin bodybuilding competition!  of course they are not going to get too specific, time is money and bodybuilding doesn't have much of it, so the test is basically set up to see if you confess.  No offense, your body may be your temple, but your mind is what runs it.  4 hours a day in the Gym?  get a life, study something like grammar perhaps.
Posted by: Bodybuilder
Posted on: Aug 27th, 2004 at 8:26am
  Mark & Quote
Ok, here is my situation.  I'm 18, never competed in a bodybuilding competition before in my life, just lift hardcore.  The only kind of competitions I could find are all natural competitions, I've already got a sponser, and am about to sign up for my first contest.  There is one problem though, that being, I'm not what they consider 100% natural.  Their standards are that you cant have used any product that increases levels of testosterone.  I have used products that are called pro-hormones, they are perfectly legal, so I see no problem with them, but they don't consider them natual.  Urin test is no problem since Por-hormones (like steorids), have half-lives in the body.  But this polygraph test is making me more nervous by the day.  I read "the lie behind the lie detector", and understood little.  I didnt get the first part explaining how you have to control your breating, all I think I understood was the part about answering control questions, and right after biting my tongue or using the other methods listed.  I even re-read it, no sense to me, I'm one of those people who learn better visualy, being read something, or reading something has no effect on my comprehension unles explained in lamens terms (as much as I hate to admit it).  I work hard in the gym 4 hours a day, 6 days a week, more than most bodybuilders to the date, I put in my time, I give my blood, everything I've got to make sure I don't end up like my parents with no future in life, and there is no reason at all that some stupid polygraph test should stand in my way, I'm not doing anything wrong or illegal, I just want my name out there to push my Bodybuilding carrear to the public.  My assumption always was that for something like this, there wouldnt be a really long, in-depth questioning period like it would be for jobs or if accused of criminal acts, anyone know if its the same, if its not, or anything like that?  I've got 3 months till' my competition, and have no clue when the test will be, all I know is that I need to pass it or I, number one lose my sponser, and number two lose all creditablilty I would have had, I'm in desprite need of help to pass this thing, and knowing exactly what I;d have to go through, any and all help is appreiciated, thanx for listeining.