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Topic Summary - Displaying 12 post(s).
Posted by: Aj P.
Posted on: Aug 30th, 2019 at 12:28am
  Mark & QuoteQuote
ANY POINTERS FOR THE UDEE EXAM???? I have mine in a week and wanted to know if anyone can give me tips on the test and suggested? Any help would be appreciated .

I'm going to assume you took the test. Any tips on it. Haha
Posted by: Osama Waseem
Posted on: Aug 7th, 2019 at 12:04am
  Mark & QuoteQuote
ANY POINTERS FOR THE UDEE EXAM???? I have mine in a week and wanted to know if anyone can give me tips on the test and suggested? Any help would be appreciated .
Posted by: C. Lee
Posted on: Apr 28th, 2019 at 4:20am
  Mark & QuoteQuote
I just took my UDEE and passed... What is next in the process?
Posted by: imin
Posted on: May 28th, 2004 at 10:35pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
well if any of you are still monitoring this site it takes 2 -3 years to get through the process. If you have made it to the background, you should be in, unless of course you've got some major thinks in your past that will keep you from getting a TS. it took 2 months from the time of my in home interview until I got the call, right on schedule, the adujdication process is supposed to be 60 or less. Good luck!
Posted by: dre2142
Posted on: Mar 19th, 2004 at 4:03am
  Mark & QuoteQuote
CALL THEM! Show them that you are committed to getting through the process.....they are playing a game with you right now, and you sitting back and not inquiring about your status isnt the best thing to do.
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on: Feb 20th, 2004 at 3:24am
  Mark & QuoteQuote

You're probably better off looking for this information at this site:  Check out the Federal forum.  You can either search or just post your question there.   

Given that the focus of this message board seems to be polygraph-related discussion, I've noticed that a lot of questions regarding employment tend to go unanswered for quite awhile.  I think you'll have better luck getting an answer at the other site (if you haven't already tried it).

Good luck.
Posted by: USSSUDWantobe
Posted on: Feb 12th, 2004 at 4:26am
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Can anybody can tell me, how long it took after Medical examination to hear from them. I took my medical 2 months ago, and haven't heard anything yet.

Posted by: ever
Posted on: Jun 17th, 2003 at 3:46am
  Mark & QuoteQuote
For those of you who have taken the exam, Do any of you know if there is a lack of no shows at the written exam. For example i know that at the border patrol people claim that nearly 70 percent of the applicants do not bother to show up. Since some of you have taken the test for UD position you might know. Thanks
Posted by: anonymous
Posted on: Jun 13th, 2003 at 5:10pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
my husband just went through all that just a few months ago.  Basically, I think it took them about 2 1/2 months to complete the background investigation.  It may have only taken that much time because he's always lived in the same area, with not much moving around.   The last part of the background investigation is the home interview, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I remember the feeling, and just as we started to think we'd never hear from them, they'd call!
Posted by: Christopher B
Posted on: Apr 24th, 2003 at 8:45pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
I just did my polygraph with for the uniformed divison yesterday.... apparently ive  tampered with classified information in my past, oh and i sell this info to foreign nationals.....expect to be seeing a lawsuit in the near future.
Posted by: guest
Posted on: Apr 4th, 2003 at 11:04pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
I am in the same boat as you. I guess well have to just wait. Have you heard any thing yet & who is your contact at the Home office? Hey just email me @ Smiley
Posted by: LUKE W. FRASER
Posted on: Mar 30th, 2003 at 8:20am
  Mark & QuoteQuote
I am a Uniformed Division applicant and have gone through all of the steps in the process. Currently I am waiting for them to complete my background investigation. It has been quite a while since I've heard from them and thats making me nervous. Can anyone offer me any helpfull information to set my mind at ease?