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Topic Summary - Displaying 4 post(s).
Posted by: antant00
Posted on: Apr 7th, 2002 at 9:57pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Just one other note:

This could send the Poylgrapher and CSVA back to the

A positive result machine that everyone could afford, or better yet not afford to own, if only for a one time use....It can make a difference in your life.

The best investment anyone can have is in himself...

I've even thought about classes just on machines in large areas they would be easy to access for the many. Polygraph and CVSA examiners would be of course I'd have to test them on thier own machines, before they took a course to see if they were going to try and someway....what a hoot !!!!!!! Kiss
Posted by: antant00
Posted on: Apr 7th, 2002 at 9:47pm
  Mark & Quote
I have some what of an electronics back ground, the appliances that I used were made to simulate the polygraph in reading the heart beat and respiratory quotient of the body..and sign of stress....a poorman's polygraph if you conjunction with a voice stress analysis appliance, again a poorman's machine. What I could do was simulate an interview and attain positive results....for a very normative cost. The system may have some marketable value, If there are enough people that want a positive result on a test, and need the help....I don't want help the bad guys...but to be truthful, and that's what this whole thing is about....Some of these examiniers are, the bad guys.....and Big brother sucks !
We have enough intervention into our lives with the Banking system, State goverment, Federal people and you can name the others..
Anyway I can not seperate the two tests results at this point, from the one machine. It can be done but right now it works very well for both and just gives one an extra bonus.
Lips Sealed
Posted by: fifazip
Posted on: Apr 7th, 2002 at 5:37pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
I am not sure if I read your post clearly enough, but I was wondering if you could give more details of what devices you used to practice with and how.

thanks ...
Posted by: antant00
Posted on: Apr 7th, 2002 at 6:59am
  Mark & Quote
I have put together an number of rather inexpensive electronic apparatuses that will guide you to a positive test result on both CVSA and Polygraphs...It will not deceive the machines, but it will give you positive results on the test line. I can not break down the application to suit just one or the other testings, but it works overall to give positive resultes on either system....the combination of appliances produce a positive and knowledgeable client. As stated here on this site in more than a couple resonses Knowledge is power....Confidence will produce the positive results based on these training devices and SOP manual

I really got into this thing as "a need to know...." I just had to face both a poly and CVSA testing with in days of each other..
My problem was, I did not believe in the Poly or CVSA testing as a fair way to determine the truth....The manchines can not read your can interpret them, and that's a human failure from the begining..

Anyway I have completed my tests with passing results and have trained two others with the appliances and they passed also....and they went into the testing being told that they had to take the lie dector tests,  and both were concerned about accurate results. These two people told me that they were not fearful of the truth, but how it would be interpreted by the operators of the machines...I felt the same way.

Anyway...if you need to pass a test and want a positive test result...this may be an answer, but in all honesty, I have to agree with so many others on this site...Knowledge is the key factor in positive results...and as a helpful person here advised me...a "don't give a shit" attitude goes a long ways....I just felt more confident going into the testing with a similar appliance showing and leading to make a positive response and watching the results (eyes on - voice on) as I praticed...I can tell how to get the results needed and feel safe with the testing process that would be ahead, and face them with confidence..

Well, if you really feel the need for EXTRA HELP and NEED to PASS with a POSITIVE result, for what ever reason...this might be a good way to pratice to win....Not by lying but with having positive results on the test line.... To coin another phrase "this is for fun only"...yeah right.. Wink

Many thanks for the help at this site.....